Our Farm-Animals

A Fattoria Ma’ Falda we breed quite a lot of animals. All the animals live in clean environments where their diet is carefully controlled to ensure their maximum health, and, again, they have the freedom to love about, both indoors in their barns and outdoors in their pens, just as they please. At night, for their protection, they are all housed indoors.

The main barn on our property houses 50 milk-producing goats, a breed known as the Alpine Chamois. Our goats love grazing land and the sound of music makes them peaceful and contented!

Every morning and evening we milk our goat herd. From mid-November through the middle of January, the goats withdraw to give birth to their young. So their normal milk production, and hence our cheese-making, are suspended for that season. Our cheese-making facility resumes its regular schedule in February.

Our hogs are of the very old breed known as the “Cinta Senese”, literally “the belt from Siena”. As an ancient breed, it never adapted well to intensive modern agricultural practices, and as a consequence this breed was in danger of disappearing. So we are pleased to be sustaining their lineage. Our five sows and the one male, together with their litters, have ready contact with the open air and sunlight and enjoy living under oak trees. They are also fed, to their delight, with the residue of our cheese-making.

In our farm we also keep hens, guinea fowls, goose, pigeons, and honey-bees.

Are you interested in our animals?

We sell
– certified reproducers of the pigbreed Cinta Senese
– certified reproducers of the goatbreed Camosciata the Alps
– Cinta Senese pork for fattening

– meat: kid, goat, pork Cinta Senese
– on request we process
porchetta from  Cinta Senese
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