Catch a glimpse of our farmlife

We came here and settled down in 2006, on the  hills between Orvieto and Todi. Since that, in this welcoming and generous land our challenge was to fulfill the dream of a life in harmony with nature. It has become a reality where, in full respect for the ecosystem, we can live and produce food for us and for our children. But also for small and loyal clientele that through our products knows us and who may have already spent (or will spend) a few relaxing days in our farm.

One is tempted to smile, of course, to think that in a small farm like this lots of things happen every day. Where nature takes its course, it also needs to be managed and accompanied. From this our doing occurs  a multitude of small and large events that from time to time deserve to be narrated. For those who have already been here, and will be able to return, and for those who didn’t come yet: It would have been a pleasure for us to let you closer into our doing, to narrate you our stories

Thus it was born the idea of a website with an area Blog, and a commitment to be present in the world of social networks, to stay with you, albeit virtually, waiting to be in person. Fattoria Ma’ Falda would appreciate your  participation, your comments and criticism would help us to improve. Those who want to follow us on Facebook can do so right now by clicking here; It will be a kind of diary to stay tuned with what happens on the farm!