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fattoria Ma’ Falda, A holiday farm in the very green heart of Italy

In this place there is a lot of us, of our choice in life, which ten years ago when it all began was maybe quite out of the ordinary. Decide to settle in the countryside, to bring up a family, to raise our children in accordance with the values in which we believe, at the cost of some sacrifice, but rewarded by our surroundings. Nature that permeates and accompanies us day by day.

To realize the dream of a small, largely sustainable farm, to be able to survive of the products of our land, respecting it in any doing: we had to do it and we did it. It is a great achievement for us and we hope, for those of you who had and will have the opportunity to live here for some days.


Our challenge

It was in 2006 that we decided to rescue and bring back to life a small country farm that had been abandoned in the very heart of this beautiful area. Our challenge is a kind of agriculture that is sustainable and organic, a form that respects the particular demands of our environment and keeps all of its various elements in balance. In pursuing these ends, we seek to promote biodiversity and the well-being of our animals while offering products of the very highest quality.


Our work

Today, Fattoria Ma’ Falda raises goats, sheep, and pigs, all of which animals have some freedom to move about, are treated respectfully, nurtured with care, and fed with a clean, healthy diet. All about the farm you will find a wide array of aromatic and

ornamental plants, garden vegetables, and old-variety fruit trees. We also boast a recently planted grove of olive trees and, more central to our mission, an on-site dairy where we produce a variety of cheeses made from the milk of our goats. Solar power collected from panels on the roofs of our buildings contributes substantially to the electrical needs of the farm.


We welcome you on the farm

We would be delighted to host you in a dwelling where the peace of our countryside adds the highest sense and where nature is able to convey its profound beauty and transmit its unique resources. We have 5 independent apartments offering a total of 20 beds. During your stay, we take pleasure in introducing you for our farm in all its varied aspects; the world of our animals, our husbandry practices and our management of the land. And of course, with great pleasure we offer you our handmade products.


Where we are

Fattoria Ma’ Falda is situated along a scenic roadway to be found in the “green heart of Italy,” as our region Umbria is known, famous for its biodiversity and its remarkable natural beauty. And no less is it celebrated for its deep, rich history, its beautiful cities that encompass Etruscan, Roman, and Medieval culture.
Our location is immersed in a deeply natural and healthy environment. Here you easily find yourself spellbound from a starry sky, from the music of crickets, frogs and owls, surrounded by woods, olive groves and organic grown fields and grazing land.



Thans for reading so far and… Welcome to our world!


Åste, Anne Line & Flavio





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